Hi, I’m Josh. I’m a C, multimedia, and systems programming enthusiast. This website is a way to share some of the things I enjoy. Other than computer science related topics, I enjoy reading Manga, and playing games such as League of Legends and Osu!. Occasionally, I will also write short prose about topics of interest.


It’s easiest to get hold of me by sending an email to with a relevant subject.

Elsewhere on the web

I have a web prescence in different places on the internet, here are some of the more important ones.

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GitHub Code & Open-Source Projects
Stack Overflow Programming Q&A


Things I have been asked more than once. Also things I haven’t been asked, but need to put somewhere.

What is itanimulli?

It is the name of my project which encompasses all other personal projects. I probably could have chosen something different but it doesn’t really matter. There isn’t much meaning to this other than the fact it is derived from the name of a ficticious[citation needed] organisation.

Where can I find your resumé?

Please email me (see above for contact).

What does your website run on?

I use GitHub Pages to host the content using Hugo. It uses a custom Hugo theme written by myself.

Where are your icons from?

I made the Favicon by hand using the vector drawing program Inkscape.

The social media and brand icons were made by Freepik and Pixel Perfect.