Libre E-Reader

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A fully open-source stack for building a custom embedded Linux Operating System based on Buildroot and other custom software.

Supported Devices

At the moment the number of supported devices are low due to me only owning one device, only devices listed below a Kernel are supported though adding support for more E-Reader devices is fairly simple: You just need to add a buildroot defconfig and a custom kernel for your device.


All Kobo devices are supported once they have a kernel.


Not at the moment.


The ecosystem is made up of many different components, more can be added through the buildroot packages mechanism.


This is the main OS component, it builds the toolchain, rootfs, and kernel from scratch and it made to be reproducible from any environment. You no longer have to rely on other people’s toolchains. It is based on buildroot version v2019.02.5.


Linux Kernel

Each device needs a custom Linux kernel, at the moment most of the kernels available are just as-is from the respective device’s manufacturer.

Qt5 E-ink Framebuffer QPA

Qt5 Qt Platform Abstraction for the mxc E-ink framebuffer, in theory should work on most Kobo devices, will need a few adjustments to work on a kindle. I wrote this as all the ones I found only supported Qt3 or Qt4.


Boot launcher

This is a very simple Qt5 QML application design to run at boot and be the ‘supervisor’ for the actual E-Reader applications such as CoolReader.